◆What is process modeling?

QMS for business and industry is to build a strong foundation for the future and not cause serious accidents.

Requirements centered implementation of ISO organizations tend to implement an inefficient and unrealistic MS system.

First, faithfully map the system of the organization that exists today.On top of that, it is important to map the vision of the future that should be based on the intended results of the organization. That series of mapping and the thoughts of it, that’s all about process modeling.

Modeling begins with a description of the actual activity (process) of an organization. Then you will see a specific QMS for your organization.

By process modeling processes, structures, interrelationships, networks, capabilities, functions, and intended results, you can obtain organizational-specific situations, chains, systems, changes, variations. Modeling enables us to understand the current QMS of the organization and to create a QMS organization as it should be.

Ennovation Inc. uses proprietary process modeling tools to help build a foundation for future organizations to meet the needs of your organization.


  • ISO9001:2015 transition consulting
  • QMS implementation support
  • MS review
  • New project support

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