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Corporate philosophy

 Innovation Co., Ltd. has been a conviction since its establishment in February 1995, and in order to do good management, it is not necessary to be a karizuma or a genius, nor does it need to imitate it.There is truth in our daily continuity, and for that we value "comprehensibleness", "sense of consent", "scientific", "autonomy", and "human happiness".

 Everyone wants to establish social technology that everyone can say is that "to be a good company, you don't have to waste a lot of trouble."

Our logo

○ It is the origin of the precision machine though it is analog ○ If the
re is a mold created correctly, it is possible to increase the number more and more ○ In order
to make the gear without the error, the gear was made a symbol mark of our company with various thoughts that the wonderful technology

that the small and medium-sized enterprise in Japan is proud of in the world is indispensable.
No matter how elaborate you are, gears that don't have a single use can be powered by each other once they bite.

Every gear works with confidence and pride, so that it always laughs.

And someday, i want to be able to generate a lot of energy.

Innovation will help you.