accomplish and achieve

Today is Monday, May 18th.

[Today's word]

to "do and achieve"  

What is the difference?
  For exa
, □ Getting the job
□ The difference betw
achieving a job.
  You can somehow tell the difference in nuances.
  The former is somehow passive, and the lat
ter feels active.
  Moreover, it seems to be able to feel the exhilarat
ion from the latter though it
not felt so much what there is after the former.
  So, if you ask the goo dictionary that you are always
indebted to, □ to
do [
ripe] (1) digest the foo
d you eat in the gastrointestinal tract.
  (2) Break large objects into detail.
  (3) Handle difficult and time-consuming matters by a
cquiring skills and knowledge.
  And t
t is, to
achieve.- "I'm going
do my goal."
  In other words, if the meaning of doi
ng the job
is t
o handle well, and to achieve the work me
ans achievi
the goal of the work,
se two words can be combined in the
way of "ac
plishing the work while doing w
, for example, rather than disingting.
  In short, there is a sense of goal there or not.
It might be good to think slowly under the fresh climate in May. 
  "What shall we achieve today and this week?I
t mi
ght be a good thing to look back on the idea,
to write out what you came up with as a chara
cter, and to stick it out where you can see it.

 【Today's Goal】 ○ W
s that came out in the dialogue with that person last week

  If you have a sense of goal, you feel that your mind i
s lig
hter, and if you set a huge goal, there is rather a feeling of pr
essure, but if it is an affordable goal that can draw an image of a
chievement in your own way, it seems to have the effect o
f becoming such a mind-blowing.
  When you have a goal, you know your coordinate po
int based on that.
  Then, it is understood how much it advan
ces compared with before.
  If you're not moving forward, you know that.
  Without the criteria of goals, it may be
difficult to see where you are.
  Moreover, it is still hard to see whether it is moving forward, a
nd it
is not possible to understand it and it might feel in the avera
ge of the grayish fog.
  It might be a
d thing to embody the "affordable goals that you ca
n draw your own image of achievement"

"goals only for yourself", to make them int
o l
etters, to look at them every day, and to reward your
self firmly if you feel that you have moved forward.
  Today, even at home and at work, "If
i can do this…Let's give a standard to understand one'
s own standing by working hard in housework and work while h
olding a small, but concrete goal in mind, and let's try to
see what kind of achievement can be achieved from such an attempt.
  Today is Monday, the beginning of a great week.

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