◆What is Clean Language?

Clean Language is a way of asking questions that gives your clients full lateral to answer as they like. It is respectful of their models of the world. It is designed to keep your stuff out and their stuff in, and help you obtain more authentic and accurate information.
It is a skill of using simple questions, cleaned of as much inference and presupposition as possible, to build mental models of another persons experience.
It is used in coaching, therapy, business, interviewing and more recently as a research methodology in higher education.
Clean Language helps clients to discover and develop idiosyncratic symbols and metaphors without any content introduced by the therapist/coach/interviewer.

Cited from The Clean Language Institute.

*We actively incorporate Clean Language and use it in the business field.


Internal Auditor Training: By introducing “Clean Language,” a method of questioning without assumptions, and agreeing with the perceptions of both, it is possible to focus on issues such as work mechanisms objectively without touching feelings toward individuals.

★By using Clean Language enables us to reach the root causes based on facts that are tented to be overlooked without bias.

★Clean Language makes it easier to share thoughts and ideas without assumptions.

★Clean Language will help to improve leadership skills.

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