Education is history, learning is the future

Hello.Today is Friday, May 22nd.

Today's Word

"Education is history, learning leads to the f
" (Originally: Mr. H of my wife's acquaintance)

Today's blog is the words of Mr. H from China, a Businessman from Hong Kong who is an acquaintance and a family member.

It seems that China is an educational society as well as Japan.

According to the one-child policy, parents have very high expectations for their children, and it is very important to enter a good university.

Where where the university is out, and it is often the standard when employing the person, Mr. H dares not stop only in such an idea.


"Education is a past that has already passed, with letters and history.However, what the person is learning now shapes the future of the person.』

And that.

However, it is said that the person who has the posture which keeps learning voluntarily is positively employed.

"Salary is not to pay for the learning which makes the future, and to the educational background which became the history of the person's past" if it expresses it a little more.

It seems to be.

As proof of a person's history, there seem to be various, for example, qualifications, work experience, previous positions and achievements in addition to educational background.

But the important thing is not to decorate such history.

From now on, what kind of future are you looking to?

What are you trying to learn for that?

To what extent are you aware of that?

It might be that.

Every day, various news is flying around, and in this age when the eyes are likely to look downward involuntarily, it might be a good thing to look back at what kind of future you want to look into and what kind of future you want to look into.   

(I seem full of things to learn!)

  • Today's Goal

However, it is quite possible to have a voice that the future is not understood suddenly.

I think it's natural to say that you don't know the future, your vision, or how you can shape it.

There is a lyrics of "It comes into view if it keeps asking what and where to go to where to go" in the song "Dear Sir- To You of 15" which liked my daughter before and sang.

After all, it may be hard to keep asking questions, but there are some phrases like this in the same song.

"Just believe in your voice and walk away"

First of all, it seems to walk, and to try.

When you take any action, some feedback will always come back from the outside.Pointout, advice, compliment, or thank you…

Such feedback actually proves your existence.

Also, if that feedback is desirable for me, it seems that my future begins to look chilly.

For example, when people really appreciate you, people begin to feel a sense of mission.

Only the walking, the more you learn, the future will be shaped.

It might be good to express such an expression.

Let's make it a day to make it to the form of visible, "action" that it is possible to do by imagining the average of the mind, and moving the glance from own past to own future, and being able to do today by the amount of learning, and the shape that the future is formed by the amount of walking.

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