Thinking creates a new era

Hello.Today is Saturday, May 23rd.

Today's Word

"Our thoughts are the epochs of our life; all else is but as a journal of the winds that blew while we were here…"  
urce: Henry David Thoreau

As usual, it's a sloppy translation.

Our thoughts themselves will be a new era in the world.

Everything else was just blowing while we were there

It's just like a record of the wind.”

It's a word of today that seems to be difficult all of a sudden, but i suddenly remembered about the reunion a few years ago of the company where I first worked for me, so I'll blog about it.

At that time, the economy of the world was not just in the current situation.

Even from the person who is doing the secretary, i think that the gathering is not good this time. There is also an e-mail that, i wonder how many people gather, and when I go to the place, the number of people of the same degree was surprisingly collected last time

And, the atmosphere seemed to be a little different from the last time though it was still a very nostalgic face.Last time, it was a banquet mode of cuteness anyway.

If it's fun, it's ok.

However, it was not so somehow this time.

There were words of recent news from each person who participated.

After all, there is a person who received the influence of the economy to Moro, too.

Some people have changed their jobs and suffered from illness.

Some people have woken up in their lives.

Some people have been trying to start their own businesses.

Because of this, there is a person who makes the business and PR of the company which manages it with the husband as much as possible, too.

There was an atmosphere in which everyone who had gathered in this place listened to the story of each person slowly without making tea.

What happened here

The alumni association, if there is no reason to refuse for the time being, if you participate, or one, there may be a lot of passive participation.

However, the impact of the Lehman shock was also a major economic condition.There are many reasons to refuse.

Then, the people who gathered at the alumni association seemed to be the people who participated by "intention".

There was a person who talked about the economy.However, there was no person who complained because it was it.

It's hard for everyone, but each of us is doing what we can.

And I'm doing my best.

It is not clearly conscious, and such a thing might be confirmed somewhere, and it gathers here to understand each other. It was past noon on Saturday when I suddenly remembered this.

  • Today's Goal

When things are right, you seem to think what you are doing right now.

Then, gradually, one may forget "thoughts" and "intentions" and begin to be buried somewhere in familiar daily thoughts and repetitive behaviors.

However, when the condition is bad, it seems to be time when what is now not correct.

Then, there seem to be a lot of thoughts such as "Is this good", "Why?" "What is important", and "What should aim for?".

And, it seems that only the desire in such an age will create a new age.

Let's take a small but steady step to build a new era for ourselves and for our families and colleagues, looking back and talking together about what our thoughts and intentions are in this age.

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