Philosophy that doesn't change even if the times change

Hello, today is Friday, May 15th.

It is a story related to the conversation (conversation) with a certain person by e-mail.

What kind of story is the mission of the company or the philosophy.

it's a topic that tends to be abstract and conceptual,

His father introduced the words that had been set up as a goal at the roofing manufacturing plant he founded in his early 20s (or about half a century ago).

It is below.

  • Manufacture Make a lot of good products without waste.
  • Office Accurate and Speed
  • Sales Actively take your feet

If you read it normally, you'll see a normal word that you think is, "Oh, that's right."

It's simple enough to be remembered right away.

In fact, these three words seem to be quite profound.

For example, this interpretation can be done from here.

— —

□ Manufacturing

It is the manufacturing sector that makes good products.

So you need to know what's a good product.

Get rid of waste.So don't let the bad come out.

However, it makes a lot in a limited time.

It is devised to balance it with not doing the defect.

□ Office work

The office work is ruined by the mistake.So being accurate

However, work is late and it is crowded.So speed.

Take good care of it.

I'm going to do something to balance these two.

□ Sales

The basis of sales work is "aggressive".To the customer

Let's go out fast.

And without thinking about messing around with your head, first of all, using your feet,

I'm going to see a lot of customers.

Then, the customer will teach a lot of things.  

I feel that I am writing this interpretation for myself.

These may still be words that work as they are.

Whether the times change, the technology changes, or IT evolves,

The essence of what is required for each job has not really changed.

It was raised in a roofing plant in a local city about half a century ago.

Manufacturing Make a lot of good products without wa
ste, office work Accurate and s
peed sales Actively take your feet

that, a very simple word

It might be a good thing to look back casually in light of this word of mycurrent self in the workplace while replacing it with my own position.

  • Today's Goal

"Times have changed…

Sure, there are times when things are changing.

If anything, did the company win the competition?

It may have changed a lot.

In the age when there is no thing, it might have been able to procure the thing, and it was a high technology in the age when the technology was not widespread.

However, it seems that the age when the thing overflows, and the technology becomes generalized and popularized now.

But if there is a change in the times, it is probably very essential and true.

 Then, the mission, the philosophy, and the vision of the company.It may be important that the words that express such words are simple and easy to understand, rooted in such an unchanged essence and truth.

 Today, let's talk about what is "unchanged" even if there is a change in the times in your work, workplace, or company, and try to reveal and share what it is important to always value from it.

 Today is Friday.Have a great weekend!

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