one's will on the premise of responsibility

Hello!Today is Tuesday, May 19th.

Today's Word


Today's word is an English word, and in Japanese, it is translated as "responsibility".

And according to the responsibility and the goo dictionary

"A mission that i have to undertake.It seems to be an obligation", but when the etymology of this word Responsible is stringed, it seems to become it so.

"Response – able"

In other words, "answerable, responsive, reactive"

There seems to have been originally a meaning.

Of course, in modern English, it is used as a meaning of what I have to do, but from the original etymology, it seems to be able to be interpreted as a more positive meaning.

For example, under certain circumstances, i don't know if I can actually respond, but I don't know what my responsibility is and what I have to do.

than to think

It seems to come to think, "What is really done here by what I can do?" is more constructive and can actually be done.

  In other words, the word "I have the duty"

  □ Responsibilities given and disciplined by others


  □ Be willing to respond on your own

  replace it with the word and hit things

  Then, from there, one's will, purpose, and wish may become clear, and as a result, their words and actions may change.   In recent years, in the atmosphere that makes the word "responsibility" more noticeable, the original meaning of "what I can do, what is really to do here", it may be important to check again and see for yourself.

  • Today's Goal

In the image that comes out of the word "responsibility"

  □ Obligations and responsibilities

Some say that

  □ Punishment

It might also mean that.I.e

  "Blame", "Blame"

I mean, we may be put into this word on a daily basis.

According to Wikipedia, the original meaning of responsibility is "recognition that an act is based on one's own free will."

In other words, if there was an act of doing it by one's own will or choice, it would mean that he would be able to "answer and answer" about the act.

There is no punitive idea here.

More than that, 

  - One's will

  - Acts based on that will

It is said that it is a premise of "Responsibility".

From there, you might hear it at work once in a while.

  This is your fault.


  Take responsibility.

The word itself may mean that it does not have its original meaning.

In addition, it seems difficult to hope for positive discussions such as "what should be it" and "where the real goal is".

Let's make it a day which looks back on what meaning the word "Responsibility" is used in my office and our company today, and aims at the viewpoint change, to "It is necessary for me to do as my will", to "Do as my will", to promote each other, and to raise the sense of purpose, and to be an autonomous organization in addition.

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