Positive Risk

Hello.Today is Monday, May 25th.

Today's Word

Risk is an "
enture" (referring to http://research.dnv.com/skj/Papers/ETYMOLOGY-OF-RISK.pdf

The word risk,


It means danger to avoid.

As the word risk management is also said, the danger and the trouble which is likely to occur in the rabbit are identified in advance, and it is crushed or it is avoided.

It's an attempt to maintain a state of

risk, but not only

It also means "dare to venture, to challenge".

Around the 15th century in Europe, when people began their adventures in discovering the new continent,

For such financial success, he began to use the word "risk" as a word to express his feelings of dare to try.

In Japanese, it is used in the style of "taking risks", but to put this risk in the recent language style

"Positive Risk"

It is so.

In other words, when trying to get some positive results, you always run into some risk.

For example

– You want to introduce new technologies and increase productivity, but you may not be able to use them well.

You want to use new parts and improve maintenance, but you may have problems.

It is said.

To achieve something new, to set a new goal, to make clear the results you want to achieve, to do a new attempt, there are factors that lead to various failures, but the obvious factors are somehow, but the unknown factor sought to be a "positive risk" that should be received.

In other words, the general risk comes independently of your intentions, but you might be able to express that the positive risk comes with your intentions.


And here, i suddenly think.

What on earth is my positive risk level?

I mean…

To be more specific, I dare to challenge for certain achievements, or do I manage, respond, and avoid in order to make the most of the current situation?

And again, when I suddenly noticed

… Come to think of it, neither of them,


It might be written by the word. Today, it might be a good idea to try to measure your own positive risk level.

  • Today's Goal

I read a book called "The Seven Laws of Yoshida Source Founder's Business", which became a billionaire and fulfilled the American dream.

Among them, there is a part of this president who is interacting with mba students,

This chairman said, "What if there's a bus in front of you and you go to the next town?I was asking the question.

Then, smart MBA of the head begins to analyze and discuss the risk.

  What is the amount of gasoline?

  The distance is fuel efficiency.

  - The tires are


 But the answer that this president gave was

It was to put on the driver's seat and to move the bus.

If you have time to discuss, let's move first.

MBA people stick to it.What to do if the gas runs out.

The chairman says, "Get off the bus and push the bus.Get serious.

If you push hard, someone will cooperate with you.”


What can you see from this discussion?

One is discussing risks and can't be moved to action forever

It might be that.

And that may be more so when the goal in the first place is not clear.

And the other thing is that the failure from the risk of an adventure in positiveness is that it can feed your growth.

And, it seems to come to a very simple, natural conclusion that the food cannot be obtained if it does not try.

Let's look back on the wishes and thoughts in our selves, and look back on whether our actions lead to the realization of their wishes and thoughts, foster a small sense of adventure in our selves, and increase our positive risk level.

Today is Monday, the beginning of a great week.

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