Words that access the heart

Hello.Today is Thursday, May 21st.

Today's Word

"As a premise, if you don't have something in yourself, you have to do
it" (O
riginal: Tetsuya Chikushi)

It is a word written in the place where there is a weekly magazine bought by chance when moving by work.

If you write more and more clearly,

In order to express something, as a premise, you must have something in yourself.

. I.e

□ In the expression only of the form, it is not transmitted to the other party.

It seems to be a word which suggests that.

□ You can't impress the other person by repeating what is expressed in general

□ Because it's a rule, it's a rule, and even if you repeat it, you can't convince the other person from the bottom of your heart,

□ It is important to speak as your own words

For that

As a premise, you have to have something in yourself.

And that.

Something like myself in my own way to string up my own words and knead them up.

Something I want to convey from the bottom of my heart as a matter of myself.

What the hell is that? It might be good to look back on such a thing first thing in the morning.

  • Today's Goal

Repeated experiences such as lectures and training are more of a street-wide story than when you are talking about your own story.When i ask the people who are asking me, the atmosphere of the venue changes quickly.

The eyes of the person who is listening change completely in the wind of "Oh, i wonder if you start to say something interesting".

I feel that there are people who are trying to listen with their hearts, not the heads.

So, when I talk about my real experiences, the various things I feel from them, what I interpreted in my own way, and what I strongly think about and ask for.

Such words bypass the "head" and reach the heart of the listener directly…

I experienced such a thing many times again and again.

Perhaps some of you have experienced the same thing even in the position where you are listening to the lecture.

And this may not stop us from talking about lectures and training, but also in our daily lives.

  □ As a word from parents to children

  □ Words from the boss to the subordinate

  □ Words from the President to all employees

In order to be a word that can be used in such a case is not a sermon, but a rule or policy, but rather an instruction or instruction, bypassing the other person's head and having direct access to the other person's heart,

It may be important to find something that is important to encompass yourself and the other person, and to polish it every day. Let's make it a day when the word that oneself uses in daily life at home and the office is a day when it tries to look back on "Something" which is equally important for me and the other party, and to talk to the other party as an own word today.

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