Reason and ingenuity

Today is Sunday, May 17th.

[Today's word]

If there is no reason, it would be a work
(source: unknown)

A little while ago, on a TV show, I remember, like the words a young, genius-skinned chef was talking about.


Each ingenuity to the dish has a reason to do so without fail. I remember that if the reason is important and the reason is not understood, each device was a word that would become just work.

here's the reason

It seems to be the one that it is a purpose, and it is grounds.

There is a "reason" to do so, i.e., a purpose and a basis.

It is clear, understandable, understood

So it makes sense to do so.

But if it is not clear or understood, it seems to be meaningless, just a task.

What are the reasons for what you are doing in your daily life and at work?

Or, what reason is clear as a company, and is it taught? It might be good to look back on such a thing with out.

  • Today's Goal

And that's why.

The reason seems to be some "figure".

For instance…

  □ Reason s with clear goals

This is going to happen. The reason for the hypothesis verification type.

Here, if you devise something like this, it should be such a taste …

It might be a feeling.

At work, you might want to try it out with a prediction that if you touch a customer like this here, it will surely happen.

  □ Reason snot ing the facts

 Since we are still unable to verify the hypothesis, we are the reason for the form of trying variousthings first and trying to see what kind of reactions and results will appear.

Here, if you do such a device, what on earth will taste …

It might be a feeling.

At work, i'm trying to get my whole body nervous about the fact that i'm going to be able to react to this customer here.

However, what these two types of reasons are common, and if there is such a reason, the result of the device seems to be the most important.


□ Did it taste the way I wanted it to?


□ What did it taste like?

It is important.

Then, even though you've done something, if you don't care about the consequences, it's probably a "task" withno reason.

Today, in everyday life and in the workplace, i look back on what kind of results I expect and what i am trying to find about the various things I do in my daily life and workplace, and i will reveal it or give it a clear reason and basis for whatever small reason sit there, and "work" Let's say it's a day when you try to break away from yourself.

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