Excessive expectations

Hello.Today is Wednesday, May 20th.

It is a little thing noticed by chance from the average of the e-mail exchange with a certain acquaintance.

The e-mail i received was a very happy one.

Through the hard work of our employees, we were able to get very good evaluations from our customers.


"We reviewed our department.It comes to want to expect even excessively if it is brought up to a typical product which becomes the face of our company.”

The email was concluded with the words.

For some reason, the flag was in my head.

Excessive expectations

What are the excessive expectations?

When you search the internet quickly, excessive expectations seem to be often used in a negative context.

Say, due to excessive expectations

But is it a bad thing to expect???

So, when I visit the goo dictionary which I have always used thankfully,

Expectations: Expect good results and conditions and look forward to it

It's a very OK word, isn't it?

I expect good things and wait for them, so i can't read negative connotations here.

So why shouldn't we make excessive expectations?

Maybe that's when expectations are being replaced by "requests" some day.

For example, suppose a baby is born.Parents sincerely hope that the future of the child is happy.

Expect the child's future to be happy and look forward to it forever.

This doesn't seem to be an "excessive expectation."

As a parent, I'm just giving my thoughts to others.

But what if it starts to ask the other party to achieve the expected results?

It seems to be a moment when the expectation is replaced with the demand.

I want it to be ○○


Must be ○○

And, it might be transformed.

The word "expectation" that i usually care about,

But how do I use those words myself? It was such a small thing, but it was a thankful e-mail from an acquaintance who was able to notice something important in order to keep myself and the relationship satisfactorily.

  • Today's Goal

Well, that means…

The meaning of "excessive expectation" may be that the point is whether the expectation is actually switched to the demand, and it may not be a question of whether the level of expectation is excessive or not.

I want it to be ○○

What I hope is that we can do it at any time, no matter what the reality is.And to do so, it's like a word that can start something or help someone else.


Must be ○○

When you start to think about it, you may have to somehow squeeze out the results that meet your requirements from yourself or your opponent, or pull them up.

But sometimes i can't do that.

At such a time, it might be called excessive expectations.

In other words, when you can predict that the result you have obtained may not be less or less than your requirements, it may be called excessive expectations.

However, the standard of the excessive expectation might be the degree of the demand of one's own ?? Let's make it a day to keep high expectations while doing what we can for ourselves and for the other person in order to bring our thoughts and expectations closer to realization, rather than just asking for results from ourselves and others.

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