Motivation is the nourishment of the mind

Hello.Today is Tuesday, May 26th.

A few days ago, an acquaintance told me a few days ago.

Today's Word

Tension and motivation are different.

For instance

He's got a lot of tension.


He's highly motivated.

Both seem to represent something active, but it seems to refer to something different.

So, in order to find out the meaning of words, let's first look at the etymology.

At first

□ Tension

It is said that this is a word that refers to the "stretched state", which originated in French.

□ Motivation

Motivation may often be translated in the word "motivation", but this is also originated in French if you look at the etymology.

First, you can divide the motivated into motive-ate.

motive means "moving, driving", that is, motivatition seems to be "internal and social stimulation that causes that action".

That is, the state in which the tension is high and may seem active at first glance, but the reality is that it is stretched, stretched, and the "high motivation" state seems to be a state that has a lot of things that stimulate the mind to cause one's own action.

In fact, these two words may not be contrary, because as a result of high motivation, you may be in a state where you set higher goals for your actions and are stretched as a result, but the point of this difference in words is that

Apparently, it seems to be whether or not you have something that stimulates your mind.

… So

Tuesday's today may be a good thing to look back on what is the most exciting thing for me.

  • Today's Goal

And a little deep

Stimulation of the heart

It may be inside you, or it may come from the outside.

If it's inside,

  I want to be like this, I want to be like this,

  - Absolutevalues and standards that this is important

  My role is this, like recognition

From the outside.

  To be praised and recognized

  Meeting people who are able to do

  The current situation and reality that greatly deviate from one's own values and standards

There might be such.

In the midst of such a mental stimulation, if there are words such as "good luck", "do it", or "do this job", it may develop into a good action as motivation, but if such stimulation is not done well on the inside, or if the parent or boss is not given well,

"Good luck," "You can do it", or "Do this job"

The word seems to be simply to give tension to the other party.

Moreover, the motivation becomes nourishment of the mind in itself, and the action seems to continue, but tension leads to the fatigue of the mind oppositely, and the action might become transient, too.

Then, the important thing might be to give "Relation and the word" which becomes stimulation of the other party's mind and nourishment from here firmly to each of the other party who is related while having the stimulation of my mind and the nourishment one firmly to my inside.

So, today, by looking back on the state of tension and motivation in our home, our workplace, our company, and not just stretching ourselves and the other person, but by firmly using the relationships and words that stimulate and nourish our selves and the other person, we are not transient in our home and in our workplace. Let's say it's a day when you try to increase your natural motivation.

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