Standards are clear.

Hello.Today is Sunday, May 24th.

I was working as an external auditor at ISO9001.

Today’s blog is based on my working experience.

When I visited the company most of the time was talk about the work systems.

So the focus of the topic with the company in general is “Work Process”

After about 10 years of obtaining ISO certification, I realized that the procedures and rules for advancing the work been decided once were not followed at all.

Why?  Is it a matter of motivation? 

Is the attractiveness of the certification mark reduced…

But all the employees are serious people…

It seems not to have cut corners intentionally…

And, I thought,

Recently, a word I asked to the company might be a hint.

And what is that word?

“You can decide on a procedure.But it’s very difficult to set standards.”

 The procedures and rules of the work are

 If you do A, then b and b, then C, that’s the flow of work.

 What are the standards for work?

 in the work of A or b


 - Evaluate or

 - Or judge,

 When you make a decision

It is a reason to use it, the base, and the viewpoint to think.

In other words, you can decide the procedure of work if you try to decide on a job, but

In fact, he said, it is more difficult than expected to identify the standards required by the procedure.

And, why it leads to the step breaking, apparently, such a chain seems to have occurred.

– Decide the procedure, try to do exactly what you do

However, when it is necessary to make judgments, if the necessary judgments, evaluations, and decision criteria are not clear, the results of work become individually dependent and varied. Or, it is not possible to judge, and work is stuck.

As a result, i feel that there is no meaning even if I look at the procedure.

They will not protect

I mean…

In other words, when deciding procedures and rules, it may be that the standards required for the procedure sought there must also be clarified together with the rationale, the basis to use, the basis, and the point of view to think. It may be a good idea to look back at the steps and rules that should be followed in character or implicitly in our workplace, and what “standards” we have embedded in them.

  • Today’s Goal

So, about ten years ago, I went back to the story of a company that had ISO certification.

At the time of obtaining certification, a management system was established based on the flow of business that the company was doing on a daily basis.

We followed the way we worked, so we didn’t have any particular problems.

However, it seems that the only thing that made it clear was the procedure, and the standards for the job remained in the heads of the company’s veteran managers.

In other words, “intuition”, “sensitivity”, “experience”, and so on, judgment, evaluation, and decisions were made…

But then ten years

Generation change has been made, but then, the intuition, sensitivity, and experience have been taken over.

It was not enough.

Then, all of a sudden, the procedure and mechanism that had been functioning until then stopped working.

That happens …

As a result, the motivation to follow the procedure soured, and it seemed to have developed into a phenomenon of gradually cutting corners.

Standards, so to speak, are points to think about.

From the experienced employees of the time, it was sometimes too natural, so i dare not make it into a letter or a picture as a form of knowledge.

However, only the procedure which had to be defended remained though it disappeared with the change of the person.

It seems to have been.

So what should i do?

It may be that we are seeking standards and clarifying them.

And it may be the first time that standards have come into view as objective things that everyone can understand, not intuition, sensitivity, or experience, but that will become the seeds of growth as a company.

Today, at my office and our company, we both asked each other, “Why are you doing the job well? Let’s assume that it is not intuition and the experience which exists only in the world of the questioning party, but objectively, and by pulling out the point which seems to be mutually, and sharing each other, it is assumed that it is a day when it tries to clarify an important standard in our office and our company and to raise it importantly as a seed of growth.

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